Testimonials (Details)

“I would recommend Joe to your attention without reservation.” 

Joe has worked part-time in my company in the aviation industry for several years.  For several of those years, I was employed in the Environmental, Health & Safety field, and was responsible for the Ergonomics Program.  Joe was recruited to provide massage therapy sessions for employees as a conservative, pro-active measure to address discomfort related to workplace occupations.

These issues are related to aches and pains which present from ergonomic issues such as repetition, strains and sprains, neck and should issues, etc. for both office and machine operator personnel.

Joe’s massage therapy techniques have enabled employees to avoid the need for more aggressive interventions such as would require surgery to address issues which would have been required had massage therapy not been available to employees.

Personally, I have been seen over the last year or more every two weeks for massage relating to aches and pains in the neck and shoulder area brought about primarily due to the office and computer work, and other stress issues.  Joe’s efforts have greatly relieved my symptoms, and the fifteen minute biweekly maintenance visits help to keep me functional and keep the discomfort manageable.

Joe is quite knowledgeable relative to the body’s musculature and often recommends exercises and other aides.  His demeanor is quite pleasant, which is welcomed with such a diverse group of 700 plus employees.  His schedule is always booked—a testament to how people feel about the professionalism and quality of the services he provides.

I would recommend Joe to your attention without reservation.”

– Ray Walker


Providing excellent service to companies and their employees!


“Anna Gammal is truly amazing!!.”

I began going to her two years ago to find relief from chronic neck pain. I had been to other massage therapists prior to that but never had such good results. Within a few visits, my pain was gone and I now continue to go to her for maintenance. Anna is extremely knowledgeable about the entire musculoskeletal system. She is also gifted at making you feel relaxed which helps the outcome of your therapy to be even more positive. She is passionate about helping her clients feel their absolute best. The moment you walk into the Body & Beyond office you will immediately feel welcome. Their office is bright, clean, organized, and always a welcome oasis to my hectic days.

– Heather Sullivan, EMC


“Thanks to Joe Frazer for applying his skills to relieve my right elbow pain.”


I have worked 31 years for a large manufacturing company. I have a repetitive motion job which is prone to physical injuries to my wrist, elbows, and shoulders.

Three years ago the company implemented an occupational health and wellness program. Part of this program includes massage therapy at work. Prior to the program, I had cortisone shots to my right elbow to relieve the pain I was experiencing as a result of my everyday job duties. I made an appointment to see the massage therapist Joe Frazer for my right elbow. After my first appointment, he scheduled me for a bi-weekly massage plan. I have followed that plan and found that it has eliminated the necessity for me to go to my regular physician for additional cortisone shots to my right elbow.

Having the convenience to massage therapy at my company eliminates the need for me to take time off from work to do this preventative maintenance on my elbow. If other companies implemented massage therapy at work, I feel it would help reduce repetitive motion injuries.

Thanks to Joe Frazer for applying his skills to relieve my right elbow pain.

– Gary Nalette​