Event Sports Massage

Event Sports Massage enhances the performance of athletes.


Making this service available to your athletes is a valuable tool for marketing your event year after year.


We offer Event Sports Massage for different Sporting events, including the Boston Marathon, Ragnar Cape Cod Relay, Ragnar Reach the Beach Relay, and also Golf tournaments.


When Synasoma joins your team, we bring to your event our professional staff of fully insured licensed massage therapists with advanced training in Sports Massage to provide pre-and post-event massage to your athletes. Offering this service to your athletes can make your event a great success! 



Benefits for your athletes:


  • Warms-up muscles

  • Increases circulation

  • Decreases muscle tension

  • Increases flexibility of tight muscles

  • Promotes relaxation

  • Decreases muscle tension

  • Relieves swelling

  • Prevents lactic acid soreness

  • Promotes faster recovery post-event ​


Bring Synasoma to your event!


  • Each Synasoma team member is a licensed massage therapist with advanced training in sports massage therapy

  • The team and all members are fully insured

  • The team provides all the equipment and supplies needed for your event

  • Your event is publicized on the Synasoma website and social media

  • We offer affordable Payment Options:

      - Cost could be incorporated into the race fee

      - Event Sports Massage is available to all of your athletes

      - Synasoma provides therapist based on the number of