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About Synasoma

Synasoma is a company that specializes in delivering effective, results-orientated massage therapy. We have created a series of proven protocols that our therapists follow when treating our clients.


Through standardized assessment procedures and consistent application of treatment, our clients can expect to follow a predictable pathway to healing. These protocols are the cornerstone of our company. Not only do our clients benefit from them but also we are training our and other therapists how to apply these protocols in our seminars.


Along with our treatment protocols, we are also developing MT clinic management software that allows our clinics to run more efficiently. We are trying to reduce the back-office and scheduling duties of the therapist. An added benefit is that our software empowers our clients to manage their treatments and understand their progress and condition. Our industry has many good Massage Therapists out there. We need to go from delivering a good massage, to a treatment that can address and possibly help clients to correct soft tissue issues in a consistent manner. Our training and software will support them in those areas.me. It's easy.

Business Group


Onsite Clinical Massage

Healthy Productive Employees

with increased Job Satisfaction

 & Reduced Incidence of Injuries.

Increased Productivity,

Increased Retention,

Increased Morale, Decreased Health Costs, Decreased Absenteeism. 

How we help companies and their employees?


We at Synasoma can help your employees by providing them with individual health and wellness, boosted moral, pain relief, increased productivity, rehabilitation of injuries, and stress relief.